Mr. Okuley

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Okuley’s Précis
My mission of excellence for learners to compete in a global economy of science and technology begins with student, parent, teacher, business, and community leaders.

Greetings and welcome to Language Arts at Mirror Lake Middle School. Whether you’ve lived in Chugiak for awhile or just moved here, I sincerely welcome you into class. As a personal goal, I try to infuse STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in my classroom, so the classroom design may look a little different than you are accustomed! But, fear not, you’ll do just fine because I put kids first! It is my personal goal that each of you be encouraged to succeed with the utmost enthusiasm. To meet each of your short and long term goals, I will be available for additional assistance at some point in the day: before school, during lunch, or after school if you have any questions about our classroom or school topics. This time can be utilized to address any questions, comments, or concerns regarding class work, grading, or instruction. Once again, please don’t hesitate to come in before school or during lunch. We all care about you & value your education. You come first always!

Regarding late work, I accept missing practice assignments throughout the quarter; however, it is your responsibility to collect late work if you are absent from school, unless previous arrangements were made. You can also go into Google Classroom to print your assignments at home. If you are absent and do not seek late work or reschedule an assessment, the absent score will be replaced with a “F” grade, so make sure that all work is submitted on the due date. To help stay on the right track, think: “Keep it Simple”; look at the board and write down all assignments, goals, and agenda in your planner and frequently review your syllabus, which will be passed out at the beginning of class on Mondays. Once again- if you miss class, you are not exempt from an assignment or assessment; it means you need to work hard to make it up! As a middle school student, you are being geared for success!!!

Remember at all times the basic rule of F.O.U.R.: follow directions, both written and oral, organize yourself, utilize your time wisely, and respect yourself and others. If you make these basic rules your mission and live by them, this will be a great year!!! This also includes working on other core material in our class. As we will discuss in a class discussion on procedures, you will first get a verbal warning, sent to Room 211 (Mr. Welge), next a detention, and third a referral, which is a visit to our fine assistant principal, Ms. Brown. In most cases, your parents will promptly be notified of the issue. But, let’s not go there!!! Finally, let’s talk about ear buds in school; you are not allowed to have ear buds showing in class. If you bring a cell phone, it needs to be put away. We are vigilant fellows and will confiscate any phone or I pod and give it to the office for your parents to pick up. Make wise choices!!!

Regarding the distribution of textbooks, we will be reading and writing a variety of stuff. You will be provided a McDougal Littell Literature book and will also be provided with the opportunity to check out our novels.

Moreover, you have many tools and resources to help you along the way; please become familiar with Google Classroom, don’t forget to check your grades on Q, and please use your planner!!!

The following is the scale that I will use to assign grades:

100-90 A Tests & Quizzes 45 %

89-80 B Writing Assignments 40 %

79-70 C In-class Assignments 10%

69-60 D Homework 5%

59-0 F

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