Final Product:  12 Panel Mission Orb

During this project you will complete 12 Mars related activities in your core classes.  Each activity requires that you create a “Panel” for your Mission Orb.  At the end of the project you will cut out the panels and attach them together to create a 12-sided 3-D mission orb.  Panel packets will be passed out in class. 

DAY 1 & 2 

A. Timeline & Mars Facts (Computer Lab – worksheet)

  1. FRONT Page – Use the the Mars Historical Log  to complete the Timeline
  2. FRONT Page (bottom) – Use the Mission Page to answer questions about the Mars Science Laboratory Mission
  3. BACK Page – Use the How Big website interactive to get a feel for the size of features on Mars
  4. DONE? Use these interactives to learn more about Mars
    Mars Mysteries – Is there life on Mars? Where Would You Land?
    Google Mars Interactive Map
    Volcanoes on Mars
    Canyons on Mars
    Rovers on Mars
    Floods on Mars
    Earth or Mars?
    Find the Features Challenge

    – Mars Habitat Simulation *  Think about features you may need in YOUR Martian habitat design

B. Payload Calculations
Calculate how the payload (weight) is distributed for the mission and graph it!

C. Mars Presentation
Learn about gravity and how it influences the movement of planets AND how it changes the principles of flight.

D. Space Shuttle Aerodynamics
Design, build, and test your space shuttle aerodynamics on our anti-gravitational track.

E. Mars Rising Video
William Shatner narrates this informative video about science on Mars.


12 Required  Panels
WHITE PANEL  – Teams & Mission

Panel 1 –  Team Name Plate.
Your Name Plate Panel should include your first and last name and your team’s name.

You can also include: mission statement, mission emblem or logo, mission motto or a creation of your own!  Your Name Plate Panel should be colorful and neatly done.  You may want to outline your design lightly in pencil first, then go over it with colored pencils.

ORANGE PANELS – Getting to  Mars

Panel 1 –
Math6:  –Payload Circle Graph – Directions
1.  Worksheet:  Can We Take it With Us?
2.  Watch Video:  How to Make a Circle Graph
3.  Worksheet:  Payload Inventory Data Sheet

       Pre-Algebra: Rover Mission
                                 Video: How to Map a Rover Mission

Do it!  Drive Your Rover Simulator

Panel 2 – Math 6 & Pre-Algebra
Record your fastest time trying to Fly to Mars 
Transfer Orbit Instructions

Video: How to Create a Transfer Orbit diagram

Solar System Live (use to determine dates for return to Earth)

BLUE PANELS   – Landing on  Mars
YELLOW PANELS – Habitat on Mars

Panels 1 & 2 – Habitat Drawings

Hand drawn 1st Floor | Hand drawn 2nd Floor
GoogleDraw 1st Floor | GoogleDraw 2nd Floor

Helpful Links:
   – Blank Panel for drawing in GoogleDocs (click File > Make Copy)
– Explore the Mars Habitat Simulation to get ideas for your habitat

GREEN PANELS – Robotics on Mars
PINK PANELS – You Choose!

Panel 1, 2 , 3 Create 3 Mars related panels of your choice
* click link to see a list of ideas for your pink panels

Even Einstein asked questions ….

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