Cynde Anderson

This page if for my 7th grade class. 6th grade is on the home page.

January  7 – February 1

We are going to do lessons around the book called:  The Adventures of Ulysses. I will teach the Prologue and Chapter one and then randomly assign a chapter (or 1/2 a chapter for the longer ones) to each student. Their task is to present their portion to the class. This includes: Completely filling out the packet page number assigned to them, finding & identifying figurative language for that chapter and sharing a vocabulary word with the class. The will also have to design the illustrations to the 6 key points of their selection on a piece of plain white typing paper. This will also be presented to the class under the doc camera and projected on the big screen in the front of the room. I will be doing project checks along the way and of course requiring them to do a book report on a fictional book of their choice this quarter.

February 4 – 5

We will be typing up a summary of thief SSR book to help them with their book report this quarter this week. It is saved on google docs. I also did a check on Prologue – Chapter 6 in the Ulysses yellow packet.

February 6 – 28

Ulysses continued….

December 10 – 14

We are working through the Saves of A Christmas Carol. We review the vocabulary, listen to the Jim Dale audio version and then watch the stave on the George C. Scott version of the movie.

November 26 – 30

We watched the Rikki-Tikki- Tavi cartoon on Monday, worked on Grammar on Tuesday and will be MAP testing Wed – Friday.

November 19 – 21

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi – Packet working on comprehension and figurative language with Mr. Wallick.

November 13 – 16

We will finish up the packet and the activities around Two Old Women this week. Packets will be due on Monday.

November 5 – 9

We are continuing with the book, Two Old Women, and the worksheet packet that goes along with it. We will finish chapter 4 on Tuesday and page 8 in the packet is due Wednesday. We will continue reading Chapter 5 and doing the activity with that chapter on Friday.

October 29 – November 2

We are starting Two Old Women, chapter one in the book and pages 1-6 in the packet which is due on 10/29. This week we are making a survival guide to go with the information from Chapter 2. The survival guide will be due Monday 11/5.

October 22 – 25

Student led conferences are this week. We will be finishing up Adjectives and the worksheet that comes with the activity this week.

October 15 – 18

First quarter starts with a book check. We were in the library last Thursday, kids received credit if they brought one to class. We are starting Two Old Women by Velma Wallace. For Tuesday, they need to have filled out the first half page of the packet. I will try to keep you posted on what we are working on throughout the packet.

October 15 – 18

Wow! End of quarter already! Students are giving their book in a bag presentations this week and working on their grammar packets.  Thursday will be Library for the class. It is a good time to check for missing assignments and preview the book fair.

October 8 – 12

The titanic paper was due on Tuesday. I handed out the book report rubric on Tuesday as well. They have Tuesday – Thursday to work on this in class. Students are to place items or pictures in a bag that represent the story plot elements of fiction. The presentations will start on Friday.

October 1 – 5

We are working on a writing prompt that has to do with the Titanic. The typed, double spaced, rough draft needs to be printed out at the end of class tomorrow so that we can do a peer editing activity with it on Friday.

September 24 – 28

We are working on reading the Titanic in our lit book and working on the vocabulary for the story. I handed out the writing prompt on Tuesday; however, the rough draft will not be due until Tuesday 10/2. We are watching clips from the movie Titanic to see what happened to the different “classes” of people aboard the ship as it sunk. The SSR book must be finished by October 8th for the book report this quarter.

September 17 – 21

We are working on reading the Titanic in our lit book and working on the vocabulary for the story. They are continuing to learn the Story Plot Diagram for a fiction book. Students are better about bringing their SSR books to class for the daily discussion. I will have a sub on Friday. They will be working on a vocabulary packet that will be due next week.

September 10-14

Wow. A week went by already. On Monday we previewed the next story we are reading in the 7th grade lit book called: Titanic.  On Tuesday a sub reviewed the grammar packet with everyone and Wednesday – Friday we had MAP testing. The only homework to speak of is that they are supposed to read 10 – 20 pages in their book a day. If you have questions, please let me know.

September 4-7

Language Arts: We are working on two pieces of literature: Eleanore Roosevelt, an excerpt from her autobiography and Names/Nombres in the 7th grade McDougal Litel text. The prompt is: How do names influence us? We wrote the first two paragraphs together in class and then each student was supposed to write a paragraph about how they felt when I told them the etymology of their name. Friday will be library.

Homework: rough draft of paragraphs due on Thursday for peer editing

Homework for Friday: Final draft stapled to the front of their rough draft paper. Due at the beginning of class on Friday.


August 27 – 31

Language Arts: We are working on the story plot diagram and elements of fiction. Students are to bring a fiction book of their choice to class to read every day for 5 minutes. They then share elements of their story with a partner. This week we are talking about exposition (setting, characters and possibly conflict). We will be dissecting a story called: Seventh Grade by Gary Soto in class. On Friday, we reviewed grammar.

Homework: yellow packet pages 31 and 32 will be due on Wednesday. (It was handed out on Monday)

No homework over the three day weekend!

August 24

Language Arts: today we went to the Library for an activity. Students reported the title of the book that they are to bring to class on Monday. They will be required to bring a fiction book to class every day. Homework: No Homework…have a great weekend. (Please check Q to make sure I entered the grades correctly. If you catch a mistake or have a question, please contact me at:

August 20th – 23rd

7th grade Language Arts:  Homework – The brown bag activity and a Fiction chapter book of their choice are due by Friday August 24th.

We are setting up our social contract for how we will be treating each other. We also started a pre-test (p.166 – 171; McDougal Littel) on a selection called “Papa’s Parrot.” We will be reviewing this together in class. Friday will be a library day.


Welcome to school year 2018 – 2019

Can you believe it? School is starting?

Welcome to my web page. I will be adding downloadable paperwork and homework information throughout the year. If you family goes on vacation, please stop and check with this page to see what we have been working on before you talk to me. I am always willing to answer questions, but not so happy to repeat all the homework you have missed.

I am looking forward to working with you!


The first quarter book for reading homework is a fiction book of your choice. Our first library day will be Friday, August 24th. If you do not have a book of your own, you will be expected to get one on this day.

One book must be read by October 1st to be ready to do the book report on for this quarter.