Cynde Anderson

We will be reading a fictional book this quarter for a book report that I will assign in October.

Students are required to bring a SSR (sustained silent reading) book to class every day. We use them daily in class discussion and the book will be what their book report is on every quarter. If students read multiple books in a quarter, they can choose which one to do use for their report; however, it is handy to actually have the book with them to write the reports.

For those of you who could not make it to the open house or did not see my syllabus on the counter, I have posted it below:


Mrs. Cynde Anderson

6th grade Language Arts

Room 217

Classroom Participation Expectations:

Have fun.

Bring a pencil.

Expect positive intent.

Ask for clarification.

Start and end on time.

Respect yourself, others and the environment.

Abide by the Social Contract



Verbal warning (documented in Q under student visits)

Conference (usually outside classroom door or after class) with student.

If behaviors continue ….student conference and parent notification.

Referral for detention. 

Long form referral to security.


Students are expected to be in their seats ready to work when passing time ends. Being prepared means that their planners are open and being filled out, pencils (no pens please) are sharpened and students have a 3 ring binder with extra paper. Students late to class will be asked to go to the office for a pass and marked tardy. If a student is absent, they are still expected to fill out their planner. They can log onto or ask a friend for the assignments they have missed. Homework will be posted daily on and I try to post general class information and major homework projects on Q. If in doubt, please e-mail me. I do not mind helping you help your child be successful. 


Each quarter has a big project. This is usually a writing assignment of some kind. The project will have a rubric/checklist of items needed in the document. A final draft will need to be proofed and the rubric signed by a parent or guardian before submitting it to the appropriate classroom basket. (the final draft must also be stapled in front of the rubric.) They are entered into zang!e as a 90% when they are turned into the basket on the day they are due. As I have a chance to score them individually, that grade may go up or down depending on the quality of work. If a paper scores below a 90%, suggestions for corrections will be noted on the paper and students are encouraged to enter a corrective loop. (see last paragraph of this section)

Late papers are docked a letter grade per day they are late. 

Corrective Loop is the process in which low scoring assessments may be brought up. Students are encouraged to make corrections and reprint the assignment. This redone paper must be attached to the original assignment/rubric and the bottom of the rubric signed again by a parent for additional credit. There will be a line for corrective loop on the rubric.


I make every attempt I can to get grades entered in a timely manner. Often the assignments are abbreviated. For example, our Grammar For Writing book is entered as G4W. Our classroom textbook is McDougal Littel and referred to as text. Rough draft is entered as RD and final draft is entered as FD. These assignments will coincide with the header on each paper. There are times I will ask kids to start a packet of notes and hold onto them until a later date. These should be stored in the Language Arts portion of their binder and not recycled until the score appears in zang!e. I also encourage students to check their Q grade regularly as sometimes assignments are not entered correctly or the server may not receive the grade correctly. I enter thousands of grades a year. Please help me give your child the appropriate grade.

Quarter Themes – 

First Quarter– Realistic Fiction. Students learn about AVB, our anti-bullying curriculum by reading and doing activities that coincide with the books and text selections we will offer in class first quarter..

Second Quarter- Students will learn about poetry and non-fiction. There will be a book report due on a non-fiction book of their choice. 

Third Quarter- Students will learn about historical fiction and biographies. They will be enhancing their writing skills and working on grammar, punctuation and vocabulary.  There will be a book report due.                                                                                                                     

Fourth Quarter- Students will learn about Greek Myths, Tall Tales, Folk Stories and prepositions. There will be a book report due.

(Year long: I will work on increasing their vocabulary with purposeful adjectives)

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