Counselor’s Corner

Sherrie Betts- 6th grade Counselor

7th Grade Elective Form


Hello 6th grade Families,

As the First Quarter comes to a close, this is always a time that I see students in a panic over grades and missing assignments.  I am constantly encouraging students to check their Q/Zangle so they can stay on top of grades, classwork, large projects, and missing assignments.  I stress that they should be checking their Q at least once a week.  This is an important skill and tool that they will be needing to use for the rest of their Middle School and High School years.  Another skill that the 6th grade teachers and I are working hard on teaching is self advocacy.  We encourage students to ask questions when they don’t understand classwork, homework, or often what the  Missing Assignment  in Q is.  This is a hard skill for most students at this age.  I have had many students who would rather have a missing grade than have to communicate directly with a teacher about missing work.  A great compromise to this is having the student email their teacher with their questions.  This allows the students to still communicate with the teacher while minimizing the anxiety that the face to face dialog can cause.  The end goal is of coarse for the student to build self-confidence and be able to advocate in person and communicate directly with their teachers.  This is a skill that sometimes takes years to develop, however, we will continue to work with every student with that goal in mind.